Nitan Bo

Nitan Bo (double stick)

By learning to generate power and fluidity with a stick, extending ones feeling/awareness to the distant tip of the weapon one learns to extend ones feeling and senses outside the body. Knowing how to use a stick or rolled up magazine you might find on scene were you to be attacked, can serve as an extension the body – these are nice skills to have in your tool chest/ skill set. The nitan bo also teaches the student to move  and to see movement. Consider if you get use to driving 60 mph then 30 mph is very easy – things come, seemly much slower. If you get used to dealing with a rapid stick who’s tip exceeds 100 mph then seeing a punch coming at you isn’t so fast. Thus fluidity, speed, hand eye coordination and learning to see motion are all reasons to train the stick – they all also cross over to one’s unarmed skill set. Of course the stick is a very good and handy self defense weapon as well. This training is started as sankyu (brown belt).


Shoshin Ryu of Arizona