Shoshin Ryu of AZ does not apologize for it high standards – practitioners earn their rank and their skills. Nor does it apologize for its rates – it is what it takes to pursue excellence, what it take to maintain the dojo and the tools to train (striking bags, practice knifes/ guns, sticks, bo, jo, mogito, shinken, books, dvd’s, etc). Shoshin Ryu of Arizona is a non-profit dojo. Its funds go toward maintaining the dojo, its tools and toward improving the skills of the dojo. Since all instructors (including Kansho) are students of the Art, they too pay monthly dues. It is a communal effort to keep and maintain the dojo and it high standards. The focus is not on making money but developing great practitioners.


Personal Student: $115 per month or $1000 for year


Fees Cover:

Shoshin Ryu Nationals Annual dues, Quarterly Shoshin Ryu Journal

Shoshin Ryu Guidebook – 430 page hardcover book

Shoshin Ryu Curriculum DVD for each rank

All testing fees, certificates & belts



Visiting Guest: $300 for weekend, $600 for week, $1,500 for month


Gasshuku participants: fees vary with event.


Uchi Deshi: $7,000 non-refundable initial fee. Second thru fourth years are often scholarshipped for most but not the entire amount. Uchi Deshi are encourage to have good work ethic and able to understand how to care for themselves. After the first year students usually do some type of physical labor for the summer (logging, haying, etc).

Yearly fee includes: housing, meals, training, Mogito (training sword) ~$1000, Hakama  (~$200), kimono (~$200), one gi and one polo shirt. (Trips to National Seminar and Japan are not included but can be scholarshipped.)

Explanation of Uchi Deshi fee: Even as we grow and are able to supply more and more scholarships we would not change this non-refundable initial fee for several reasons.

a. This keeps out the folks just looking for place to stay.

b. This allows us to see who is motivated. Nearly anyone can make $7,000 in a year. However if one ‘needs’ a fancy car and beer money, things they are not willing to give up to seize this opportunity to train then they are not sincerely interested or determined.

c. It keeps folks from quitting the first 3 months when the aches of training set in and the student is facing perhaps some challenging skills that he/she might have difficulty learning.


There are scholarships available for sincere, committed students



Shoshin Ryu of Arizona