Uchi Dechi Program


Uchi Deshi

Live in students. These are students who live at the dojo and train 8-10 hrs per day. Their commitment is to training and accomplishing things that are unlikely without intense, committed time and effort. It is for those who are willing to devote themselves to their art, their development and unlock their potential. This is for the person who wants to take their art to the highest levels.

The dojo has a full kitchen with a washer and dryer. There is a small weight and cardio-room (stationary bike, elliptical) room. The dojo backs on to a large desert park with several trails – the longest being 15.4 miles – for running, hiking and mountain biking. The dojo has 4 mountain bikes for this purpose.

Training starts each Sept 15th, with applications due March 1. Occasional exceptions are accepted.



Shoshin Ryu of Arizona