Goshinjutsu (self defense)

The purpose of this training is to help the person defend their person, family and friends from aggressive acts. The training starts with techniques to escape grabs, holds, chokes and kicks from any direction. It is meant defend one’s self from an attacker – standing, sitting or on the ground. The response uses natural movements that are both efficient and effective. They draw on atemi (striking arts: punching, kicking, blocking, pressure points) and jujutsu (ground work, joint locks, throws, blending) to provide an integrated system of self defense that is used to reflect the defenders intent: deflect or control or hurt as is appropriate. Students also learn how to fall safely and effortlessly – in order to allow more energetic and realistic training. This falling practice, called Ukemi, also serves a self defense purpose – keeps you from getting hurt if you are pushed, thrown by an attacker or even if you fall off your bike.

The physical techniques are only part of the training. Heiho or strategy is really the essense of self defense. It means thinking about things before hand and anticipating problems and challenges. It gives the practitioner multiple options to deal with a situation and, as you know, if you have options you tend to feel more in control, more confident which leads to better end results.

Lastly the following saying gives us some direction on our actions:

Learn ways to preserve rather than destroy.

Avoid rather check

Check rather than hurt

Hurt rather than maim

Maim rather than kill

For all life is precious and none can be replaced.

Shoshin Ryu of Arizona