Shoshin Ryu of Arizona

Shoshin Ryu of Arizona

Is a non-profit dojo located in North Scottsdale. It’s designed for the training of the serious minded student [bugeisha/ gyudosha]: persons interested in self defense and personal growth. Its funds go toward increasing the skills & understanding of the dojo and training tools to assist in that pursuit.

In a few words the dojo training is about:

Learning how to hurt others and how not to hurt others – this gives us options and flexibility.
Learning how to not be hurt by others – in both the physical and emotional sense.
Learning how to be responsible for one’s own happiness/ harmony -we each chose how we wish to lead our life.


The curriculum is based on Tosa no Musho Jikiden Eishin Ryu (The Heart to Heart Transmission of the teaching of Eishin) and Shoshin Ryu (Truthful Heart Tradition). Eishin Ryu gives the Kokoro (heart/mind/spirit) teachings, classical Heiho (strategy) & Iai (sword arts). While Shoshin Ryu gives us the self defense applications with modern realism as well as various other weapons training (knife, sticks). Zazen (seated mediation) is in the Rinzai tradition and helps one become calmer, have better insight and find harmony.

The Shoshin AZ dojo serves 3 major groups

1. Personal student – a small group of dedicated martial arts practitioners and/or Zen practitioners who have a balanced training focused on both in dojo and at home training. That is, they train in dojo but also have a strong personal practice outside the dojo. Each student is trained as a direct student of Kancho (dojo head teacher). The expectations and commitment is high – the support and caring for the student are exceptional as well.

2. Uchi Deshi – live in students. These are students who live at the dojo and train 8-10 hrs per day. Their commitment to training is total.

3. Guests – these are practitioners who come for short stay either as part of specific Gasshuku (intensive training) or as individual doing a personal gasshuku.

Shoshin Ryu of Arizona