Szlemko Sensei

Szlemko Sensei

Szlemko Sensei: died July 24th, 2008 when he was hit by lightening after an outdoor training session.Szlemko Sensei came to Shoshin Ryu from Shotokan. He came seeking more bunkai, self defense, and weapons training. He came with an empty cup and absorbed what was presented, integrated it and became an exceptional martial artists.

Sensei’s smile and fearlessness were well known. Szlemko Sensei trained intensely, moved lightly and had great power. Yudansha’s eyes often lit up when Sensei would put his mawashi geri to heavy bag. He was exceptional with his hands, his feet and his heart. He was a friend you could count on.Szlemko Sensei wrote the Bookshelves for the Shoshin Ryu Journal – where he could share is martial readings with others. He also headed up Shoshin Ryu’s Jo (4 foot staff) curriculum and was tireless in his emailing his encouragement and corrections. Sensei wrote several chapters in the Shoshin Ryu Instructor’s Handbook and was a national Shoshin Ryu board member.

Szlemko Sensei was a Pharmacy Technician when he started Shoshin Ryu. Over the year, as his confidence grew, he thought of becoming a pharmacist but upon looking deeper and decided he wouldn’t choose the easy road but rather what he really wanted – to study psychology. He went back to school and had just been awarded his Ph.D. the Tuesday before he had died. Sensei had accepted a fellowship position and was planning on teaching and doing research.

Szlemko Sensei was a quiet man who lived life fully and brought joy to others. He was an inspirational and it was a true pleasure to have shared a bit of life’s journey with him.

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