Shoshin Ryu

Combo Sensei: Senior Most Student of Shoshin Ryu


Combo Sensei is an exceptional martial artist – good standing or on the ground. His atemi and ne waza skills are a pleasure to see – though not always to feel! He is an excellent teacher, who brings many skills to art of teaching, and as Senior Most Student of Shoshin Ryu, he plays a large role in guiding Shoshin Ryu. While Combo Sensei is skilled in Iai, it his tonfa that is truely outstanding. His tonfa knowledge and skill are extremely refined and explosive. He is also a very nice gentleman.

Combo Sensei has always put the time into his training and tremendous effort to get good martial arts information. in his early years he would drive 2 hrs one way every weekend to get to a senior sensei and train.

Combo Sensei is kancho (chief instructor) of the Minnesota Dojo.

Shoshin Ryu of Arizona