Muranaga Sensei

Muranga Sensei: 21st Soke of Tosa no Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu

A school teacher whose iai is always inspiring. Muranaga Sensei is solid as a rock, both in terms of his iai and his personality. He was the exemplary deshi (student) who gave up shodo (calligraphy) at a crucial point in his training to allow more time for iai. He is also one of the few Japanese who doesn’t drink alcohol. Muranaga Sensei is an old school sensei who is just starting to shine as he comes out from the shadow of Takeshima Sensei. While there were four students considered to succeed Takeshima Sensei as soke, Muranga Sensei was without a doubt the finest pick.


Shoshin Ryu of Arizona