Choose your own Ground

Choose your own Ground (shidai no heiho)

This strategy means to choose the place of confrontation. If possible, choose your ground. This strategy entails everything from keeping the sun at your back to taking the higher ground. Terrain does affect the outcome of an attack.

A Tae Kwon Do fighter, known for his tremendous kicks, challenged an older jujutsu practitioner who was not known to be particularly skilled. The challenger said ““I can defeat a jujutsu man anytime, anywhere. I choose tomorrow! What place do you choose?”” ““In a telephone booth,”” replied the older man. The Tae Kwon Do man understood what had happened and said forget it. In a small closed-in place, his best weapon, his kicks, would be of no use while his opponent’s skills would all come into play. This is shidai no heiho.

If you are driving in a dangerous area and are carjacked, crash the car in a public place, so you will have help nearby, instead of being on a deserted country road. Perhaps throw a chair in the area to change the terrain or crawl over or under a car. Consider fighting when going down stairs; your knee strikes are all at the opponent’s body or head level while your own primary targets are primarily out of your opponent’s reach.