Mind without Prejudice

Mind without Prejudice (munenmuso no heiho)

This heiho resembles mushin and eventually may lead to mushin. This is the primary heiho of Shoshin Ryu practitioners. Munenmuso no heiho means to have a mind free of thoughts or plans. You allow the subconscious, the body and the training to just operate on their own. At first this may seem just like mushin, but there are subtle differences.

In munenmuso no heiho you ““listen”” to the attacker and the attacker will tell you how to move. The attacker strikes out and you move with the action and respond to the suki (opening) given by the attacker. In this type of heiho, there never is a mistake since wherever you step or position your hands there is always a target. One is never out of position because there is no prearranged position.

This concept is present in doing kote waza (wrist techniques) or any other self-defense movement. As you apply the waza you must be sensitive enough to feel which way to direct your pressure to the wrist.

Beginners often have a difficult time with wrist techniques because they attempt to learn them based on what they should be doing rather than by how the uke is positioned. Listen to your uke. Once you listen, then the nikkyo from a wrist technique can be made to move the uke not just down but to the sides or even up by simply rotating the wrist and keeping the lock.

Munenmuso no heiho should be the primary heiho focus of the Shoshin Ryu practitioner until mushin is achieved. Other heiho are important and should be learned, but the path to ultimate harmony is through munenmuso. It brings out the surest and most efficient growth of the individual as a person and as a bugeisha.