Shoshin Ryu of Arizon is a private, non-profit dojo in North Scottsdale, AZ that offers the opportunity to train Martial Arts and/or Zen for the committed bugeisha or gyudosha. Training in iai, jujutsu, karate-jutsu, aikijutsu, nitan bo, tanto-jutsu, and zazen for the purpose of personal growth and self-defense comprise the majority of the curriculum. There are situations for Uchi-deshi (full time live in students) & Personal Students.

Yudansha Gasshuku 2018

Yudansha Gasshuku 2017

Yudansha Gasshuku 2016

Yudansha Gasshuku 2015

SR Nationals 2014 was held in Japan and no video was made. Our apologies.

Yudansha Gasshuku 2013

Yudansha Gasshuku 2012

Yudansha Gasshuku 2011


 Yudansha Gasshuku2010

Shoshin Ryu of Arizona